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Corporate Identity?
Branded Interactions Design?

»What's that to me?«

Sure you are dealing with on a daily basis with many important questions. Isn't it crazy to stumble in here right at the beginning about such a small issue?
We think that it is even one of the most important issues in your relationship to your customers!

The Door Opener!

This is a short role-reversal: Look at your company from the point of view of your customers. Place familiar images, and all of the beloved features. Try to engage with your business in a completely new way!

With open eyes …

… now ask the opening question, which is decisive for the time being:

»What's that to me?«

Have you found a reference to yourself or a reference to your cause? Then we hereby invite you to rediscover your world and ours! - Stay hungry! Open your eyes! Let us think further together! - Get to the bottom of the matter! Don't be afraid to ask uncomfortable questions! But also proven, simple and new!

»Is this art? Or can it go?«

…, is such a simple but proven question. Added a little sloppy and cliché-ridden, however, is in the core of a healing truth. You throw the old Ballast overboard! You concentrate on the Essentials! Take advantage of your opportunities, and ‘to access the’ what's important to you!

What would you like to share with your customers and the world?

Welcome to the world of a modern, digital and visual communication.

Welcome to HELMIXX!

Corporate Identity & Branded Interactions Design

As an agency for visual communication, we put your products and services in the right light and give them an individual appearance - their own face, an identity! And for companies, we are happy to directly create a consistent and sustainable, positive corporate identity.

Stimulating all the senses and designing products in a visually modern way is one thing - creating an image via the visual appearance is another and quite a big step. In doing so, we rely on an interactive corporate design for broad communication with an outstanding visual language.

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What does this picture tell you?

Perhaps you are one of those readers who, when asked, look at our pictures intensively, break them down into their constituent parts, assigning meaning to one element or another and even a story of your own. That's good! - However, even if you see nothing - even reject individual images 'somehow' - we have already reached you.

Consciously subconsciously

For a professional approach to photos, technical know-how and spatial thinking on the one hand, art and composition on the other hand are important prerequisites. Our photographers are masters of both. They think their way into the customers' wishes and design tailor-made visual results.

Selling emotionally

Even with the remaining viewing space, the right visual language is crucial for emotionally selling your products! On this basis, a – preferably positive (!) – image of your company will grow. Your image! Your Image!

Design live (to see)

Design. Art Style. Selection. Fashion.
What is Design, anyway?
Can anyone just design on the fly?
What is really important to your design?

As with the images you are already in the middle of a process, at the end of which is that certain something with added value. Something that stands out from the crowd and that we all recognize as original.

To do this, it is important to always ask questions and think for yourself!

Questions upon questions

Design as a service first of all necessarily means a dialog and ideally many questions. Questions to you as a customer, if necessary also to third parties and also many questions to ourselves and to all our senses.

With the right questions, answers and decisions, together we have the opportunity to give your ideas and thoughts a special expression. And that, without losing many words!

All from one cast

Jump with us to the end of an intensive working process - from the first questions to the result: your new design! Something wonderful that convinces without big words and integrates 'somehow' seamlessly into your world.

What's more, you are suddenly faced with a distinctive product whose value has skyrocketed, giving you and all users a positive attitude to life!

Of Course, The Internet

Participation in data networks has been an absolute must for you as an entrepreneur for quite some time. For us, it is the opportunity to effectively dovetail photo and design services with new technologies for your corporate communication. At the same time, the demands are changing daily and the possibilities of networking are growing rapidly.

With modular systems

In addition to individual and corporate web design for static and dynamic websites, we develop customized content management systems and provide you with optimized web hosting. We rely on open source systems and comprehensible structures.with the modular structure we find the right solutions for your tasks.

But safe

Whether extensive international projects or detailed statistical evaluations - it is important to us that your data is secure at all times! You retain full control and decide the degree of publication of your data yourself, because your data belong first of all ONLY in your hands!

Here are some options that might be interesting for your web pages!

Pro Services

As an agency for visual communication, we work on the core of your corporate identity and see ourselves as a professional service provider with a specialty. We are happy to keep an eye on adjacent and related areas of impact and strengthen those which currently receive less attention from you. If something is missing in your corporate identity or if there is no time for additional tasks in your daily work, we organize your public relations, for example, and support you with creativity if ideas are missing.

In all areas

Editorial texts, photos and graphics for professional public relations via internet and newsletter are part of our portfolio for professional marketing. We are happy to optimize technical systems for your needs and develop useful extensions. The plus of service especially for you!

You cannot not communicate

Even those who say nothing communicate. In the worst case, he has nothing to say. But if you know how to use the positive possibilities of modern communication, you will increase your chances of success. Position yourself professionally in terms of media and systems. You are good at what you do. So are we!

Was ist Ihnen wichtig? ? Teilen Sie mit uns Ihre Geschichten und Fragen, die Sie bewegen!

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